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We will be presenting a lot of information on this website. First, you can expect to learn about the latest trends in architectural designs.


People have been building and designing structures for thousands of years.

Nevertheless, we think that there is a lot about architecture that is still unknown today. That is why our founder decided to create a website dedicated to architecture.

The advent of technology has expanded the imagination of architects. They are becoming bolder and more dynamic in their designs. Once we discover a new design, we will quickly publish it on our website. Each application will contain a detailed report about how you can replicate the same architectural style in your work area.

Our website will also be delving into the latest building materials. The type of materials used to design buildings has a significant impact on architecture. Consequently, we believe that delving into these materials is essential. In particular, we will be paying special attention to eco-friendly materials. Another major thing we’ll be looking at is minimalism. People are moving into houses that are eco-friendly and use minimal space.

What Is Architecture

Architecture is an art, a science, and philosophy.


It transcends intellectual and historical parameters. Every architect has their own definition of architecture, but any architectural design must encompass aspects of design, economy, climate, function, safety, and engineering. Generally, architecture is the design of buildings and other types of constructions. Moreover, you must have passion if you want to become a successful architect. Vitruvius was the first architect to define architecture. He planned and built more than ten buildings in Rome. These buildings included towers, private buildings, and temples. His work has become the Bible of architecture. You will find architectural designs everywhere. Every artificial structure was designed for a single objective. Therefore, architectural designs must evaluate the environment and neighborhoods. They also need to consider existing architectural designs.

Appreciating Architecture

Architecture can transform communities, businesses, neighborhoods, and environments.

Some experts have cited the role of architecture in combating crime and improving health. Architecture can even inspire revolutions and national identities.
Appreciating architectural designs will improve the industry. For example, there's a lot to be discussed within the realm of space, volume, texture, and technology. That's because many people fail to recognize the differences between engineering and architecture. Although both apply scientific and mathematical principles, architecture concentrates more on the art aspect.
An often underappreciated part of the architecture is interior design. We recognize the contributions of interior designers towards enhancing structural and professional spaces. Many of them have gone out of their way to maximize space, budget, and functionality.
Different Types of Architect and Architecture

There are different types of architecture. Many of them developed in the 17th and 18th centuries. The most popular one is Tudor architecture. This type of construction design appeared in England in the 16th century. It incorporated designs such as fireplaces and chimneys. Another common type of architecture is the Mediterranean Revival. This is prevalent in Italy and Spain, but most of the buildings are in the United States. Generally, it features balconies, tiled roofs, and rectangular floor plans. Gardens usually surround the compound.

Design is not just how it looks like and feels like. It's how it works.

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