Architects are among the professionals with hectic schedules. However, even if you work a 14-hour day, you can still adopt a healthy routine that keeps you in top shape.

Working for long hours designing projects and following up on them can take a toll on your health, and unless you make a conscious decision to stay healthy, you will always feel weak and sickly.

Below are a few tips to try today.

Carry a Few Liters of Water in a Reusable Water Bottle

At least two billion people cannot access clean water – which is worrying considering the importance of water. Even those who have access to clean water, only 22 percent strive to drink the recommended eight glasses of water every day. Actually, 7 percent of people do not drink water all day.

Do not be among those who do not take water or take only a little water every day. Your body cannot function without water as more than 60 percent of your body is water. Water helps transport nutrients in the body seeing that the blood is 94 percent water. Many of your organs are made if more than 70 percent water, including the brain, which is 73 percent water. This means that taking enough water helps push your body not only physically but also mentally.

Besides carrying water in a bottle to the office or work site, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables as they contain more water.

Pack a Homemade Meal to the Office

As an architect, bringing packed lunch to the office can help save you the time you’d otherwise spend going to the restaurant and give you more time to relax during lunch break. So, look at ways to bring healthy meals to the office. Just like you carry your supplements and medication, find a way to bring healthy meals.

Most importantly, a packed lunch is healthier as you know all the ingredients in the meal. The food you eat determines your mood and your physical characteristics. In his book, How Not To Die, Michael Greger, M.D notes that one in every four Americans dies from heart disease every year. He continues to indicate that heart disease is preventable through the right diet. Other conditions such as obesity, which is the second leading cause of death in America, can be prevented through diet.

Ensure that you always pack organic or natural foods that are less processed, eat more fiber, and enjoy every meal.

Sleep Enough

Sleep affects your mood, focus, recovery, and sickness. Regardless of your busy schedule, you need to find time to sleep at least 8 hours every day. You can push tasks to the next day if they are affecting your sleeping hours. On days you do not get enough sleep, you spend time cranky, eating bad food, and wishing the day to be over.

With sleep deprivation, you will suffer several conditions including:

  • Impaired cognition
  • Increased symptoms of depression
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Weight gain
  • Increased risk of diabetes
  • Risk of stroke
  • High levels of anxiety
  • Increased risk of breast cancer

The same you have to know more about the supplements and medications you take, especially when on a keto diet, is the same way you need to understand what your body wants. If you feel fatigued and worn out all the time, your body probably needs rest. 

Find a Way to Workout at Home

If your schedule does not leave time to visit the gym, find a way to bring the gym home. Although a home gym might not be as exciting as a public gym, it will help you stay in shape when pressed for time.

You only need a few equipment and materials such as a skipping rope, dumbbells, exercise wheel, exercise ball, and enough space inside or outside your home. Even if you do not have these equipment, you can still exercise at home. By exercising for at least thirty minutes every day, you will maintain your health.


It is important that you spare time, at least three times a year, and visit a doctor for a medical check-up. Most health conditions are treatable but only when diagnosed in their early stages. A session with your doctor can take a few hours, but it might save your life.